Tonight, my son asks me, “What’s Black rock?” and I realized that any answer I gave him would be filled with references to concepts that he wouldn’t understand.  So, I’m on the hunt for a simple definition.  It’s not enough to tell him, as I did in an earlier post, that Black rock is an invitation for us to be brave, which I believe it is.

What I’m searching for is a simple idea, one that will spark the imaginations of both children and adults.  We need a response that’s simple, elegant and powerful.

If you have any thoughts on this subject, I’d love to hear them.

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  • Wait until he’s 14 and let him read this.

  • So I went through a similar dilemma (explaining it to myself) and I dedicated one of my podcasts to what I thought the roots of Black rock are (and I continuously play what I think it is today)
    hope it helps, hope you like it.
    stay green.

  • Thanks, Venus, for stopping by. Glad to make the connection. I’ll look forward to checking out your blog going forward.