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  • On 5/17/07, mikel banks wrote:

    look, i aint the, hip hop defender, but stop the derogatory crap about the
    artists!!! I DONT CALL THE COPS NETHER!!! lots of folk dont F wit the cops!!! that aint just a hip hop stance!!! attacking hip hop aint what black rock is about!!! its about chanting down the SYSTEM!!!! damn it, hip hop is one of the elements of what we (rockers) do!!! love&light,mikel

  • Passionate as ever, Banks! I kind of look at this whole situation a bit like child-rearing: you can hate the behavior, but still love the child. At some point, we’ve all got to start taking responsiblity for the detrimental behaviors and attitudes that are impacting our communities. Of course, yes, there are some bad cops out there. But, inasmuch as we turn a blind eye to criminal behavior in our own communities, we’re as much to blame for the decay and lack of safety as the criminals.

    Also, there is this sense that Cam’ron confirmed for many people that large parts of the hip hop community want to take as much as they can, but not be held responsible for participating in basic activities that make a community function. The impression he gave was that “Hey, it’s all about me.” It sounds selfish, and we can do so much better. We have to.