If you’re looking to get your live music fix before the weekend, check out the Black Rock Coalition Orchestra’s birthday tribute to the Godfather of Soul this Thursday, May 3 at Joe’s Pub in NYC.  Joe’s Pub is located at

425 Lafayette Street

New York, NY 10003


(2 shows 9:30pm & 11:30pm)

The BRC Orchestra


Gene Williams – Keys

Gary Foote – Bass

Kelvyn Bell – Guitar & Vocal

Ronny Drayton – Guitar

Fred Alias – Drums

Michael Hill – Guitar & Vocal

Don Byron – Sax

Roger Byam – Sax

Wayne Cobham – Trumpet


Garland Jeffreys – Vocals

Queen Aamina – Vocals

GTO – Vocals

Manchildblack – Vocals

Reese – Vocals

Plus Special Guests (from past experience, you should check it when the BRC Orchestra notes "special guests," ’cause you won’t believe who shows up.  I’ve heard wind of one for this show, but ain’t sayin’ nothin’.)

Tix are $20, and are well worth it.

Check the BRC links in the sidebar to the right.  The link to Joe’s Pub is here.

If you come out, look for me, and say hi!

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