Heading to the train tonight, I came across these two young men on the corner of Union Square West, skateboards in hand, engaged in a lively discussion.  Darrell (left) and Jason kindly agreed to pose for a photo, and we were able to talk for a few minutes about not only the challenges of being a Black skater, but also how for both of them skating is a passion.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t as quick as I should’ve been with the recording of our conversation. Did capture some of it, though.  More good news is that, like Black rock, there’s a growing community of Black youth who skate.

Yet another indication of the cultural shift taking place.

Thanks, Darrell for hipping me to Black Sheep and your fashion line, Shredding Betty (skatewear for women), which will launch in the fall.

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  • The link in the blog isn’t the right one for black sheep it should be

  • S.Maurice71505

    I think this interview was not only beneficial to everyone out there who likes to skateboard but I think it will also encourage more black guys to do what they feel…And now to see two young guys who are totally different from the way they dress down to the way they talk it will encourage not only more of the young black community to stop being so stero typical but also for everyone in general to just go out and do what is really a passion or love for them.. If skateboarding is that passion or becoming part of a rock band whatever the case may be if you have a passion to do something I think people (especially todays young society) should jump in head first! Hopefully this interviw will be a message sent to the young community to just do what they love the most no matter what it is!

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