Yes, I’m a little slow on getting this one up.  But the show stuck in my mind because it was a reunion of sorts.  See, years ago, I managed Remileku and her drummer was Clayton Craddock and the backup singer was Shelley Nicole.  As ever, Clayton held it down with his signature mix of fire and control.  And then there was Shelley.

Unfortunately, the last time I’d seen Shelley, she was very much the backup singer.  I guess I’d gotten used to thinking of her in a supporting role, respectful not to overshadow the lead singer.  It’s true that the music she was singing didn’t call for her full power, so she kept her voice contained.  But, as you know, rock ‘n’ roll is all about transformation and in the years that I need more than one hand of fingers to count, Shelley has blossomed. 

What I saw onstage was a veritable Mack Diva: Confident, brash, sexy.  Leading her band and giving good show.  In fact, she and the band had just returned from some dates in London, and they were tight in a way that only comes from playing live together.  It was particularly fun to watch the playful interactions between Shelley and her talented guitarist Jerome Jordan.  She’s developed a sound that’s varying degrees of rock, one that effortlessly moves along the continuum from funk to rock with some touches in the area of punk.  Overall, Shelley and her band are a lot of fun to watch.

Here’s a taste of their sound.  The song is "America’s Secret" from the album "She Who Bleeds. . .":

MP3 File

Unfortunately, I got to the venue late and missed a chance to see Red Lotus plugged in.  And I have to make a point to get to the next Shaka Zulu Overdrive show, since I wasn’t able to stay for their full set.

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