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You’re going to hear me say this more than once over the next few days: Sunday’s launch was an amazing afternoon of history, magic and inspiration.  I’m still blown away that Nona Hendryx launched this series.  My deep and sincere thanks to her an her manager, Vicki Wickham, for helping to arrange everything.  Also, much appreciation to Nick Charles for helming the interview with an experienced journalist’s steady hand.

There are a couple of photos after the jump, and the rest are on the main BoldasLIVE site.

I’m working on the video and should be able to roll out at least a portion of it in the next day or so.  Stay tuned!



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  • Oh man what an afternoon it was!
    I’m still talking it up to everyone I’ve seen since, with so much regret for not pulling their coats, especially the musicians.

    Why black rock? Rob, you need to start a daily meditiation, one song per day, that testifies as to why.
    My first nomination (courtesy of my awesome Pandora “Sly & the Family Stone” playlist) “Mighty Mighty, Spade & Whitey” by Curtis Mayfield (about ‘black and white power’, circa 1968)