For those of you who have an interest in the business of music and, if you don’t read him already, you really should check out Bob Lefsetz.  His is definitely an opinionated view of what’s ailing the music industry.  Many of his post sound like rants.  But, for the most part, he’s on point.

Take this recent post where he looks at the cons of signing to a major record label at this point in time:

If you’re looking for easy answers, maybe you’re tempted by the major
label deal. But really, it’s like joining a cult. Giving up all control
to an out of touch entity who tells you how to act. It’s scarier to
forge your own way. But it’s the only true way out of the wilderness.

Of course, major labels have long been inhospitable to Black artists who didn’t follow convention.  So, this isn’t really any new news.  But, as a reminder for both artists and those interested in progressive culture, this serves to reinforce the fact that, power is in the hands of consumers and creators.  And, in trying to determine who has more "power," it’s important to remember that the term is, now more than ever, relative.

So, do your thing.

To read Bob’s full post, click here.

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