I’ve gotten a lot of calls and e-mails about the upcoming BoldasLIVE event this Sunday, September 16 featuring The Family Stand.  One of the consistent questions is, “What’s an ‘Urbanista’?”  So, rather than try to explain Michaela and all of her fabulousness, I thought I’d let you hear it directly from her.

I passed the mic, and here are some of the things that we discussed:

  • “Urbanista” as a lens through which she sees the world
  • Creation of Black identity today
  • Black rock as a term that helps organize culture
  • Remember that music should also be fun
  • Her involvement with Essence Magazine’s “Take Back the Music” Initiative
  • Activism and Black style
  • “Black Girls Rock” Foundation
  • Why she’s excited about sitting down with The Family Stand
  • Where you can find out more about her online

Originally, I was going to split this interview into two parts because of its 25-minute length, but decided against it.  After all, you can download the file and listen on the go.  You’ll see that her excitement is infectious and why I know she’s really going to  “bring it” on Sunday.


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  • Johaira

    michaela is a washed out, has been in the urban industry. she is the former … of essence, the former… of honey. how about today? she’s used up and burned all her bridges, talking a big game with no substance to back any of it. please don’t reference this has been as what today’s urban market or urbanistas are about. she’s obnoxius, abrasive, self righteous, not what i want my daughter looking up to.

  • While I respect your opinion, Johaira, this sounds like a case of sour grapes. I say this because I’ve known Michaela for some years now. Clearly, if I had any of your concerns, I wouldn’t’ve asked her to be part of my event.

    Of course, everyone has their own perspective. However, rather than making personal attacks, I certainly hope you’re hard at work creating the types of institutions/spaces, nurturing role models, and generally being the example that you DO want your daughter and her peers to look up to.

    That said, I’m looking forward to seeing how you bring it. Onward!

  • Katherine

    I worked with Michaela recently on a promo and it was challenging. She’s not the easiest person to work with and rubbed many people the wrong way. Taking a condescening tone with people you’re working with and who HIRED you isn’t the way to go about things.

  • maximillian brown

    michaela is a sell-out chick she wanna show her face on bill o’really show but she could’nt show her face on bet’s hip hop vs america she never even listen to hip hop or know what hip hop is is a rock n roll chick she in to stay in her place

  • Maximillian:

    Thanks for stopping by. But I have to say that your comments sound like straight hateration. And for what? I mean, I hope that you, Johaira and Katherine are spending time doing something productive and positive and are all being the kind of role models that you feel she’s not. I also hope you realize that everyone speaks and acts out of their own experience. What’s important to one person may not be important to another. There’s no one way for anyone to represent anything; it’s just got to be authentic to who that person is.

  • blackizm

    michaela was taped to be on hip hop vs america part 2 but didnt make final cut. guess bet dont like ugly either.

  • Tiffany

    You need to check your local listings…I’m watching Hip Hop vs. America Part II right now, and Micheala has been engaged in the panel discussion since it began. Is she edgy, eccentric, and outspoken, yes…ugly, not at all! It is tragic that you feel the need to tear someone else down to make a point. I honor everyone’s opinion, but at least know the facts before you speak out and make ridiculous comments.

  • blackiszm

    michaela’s piece was on bet blast, not on tv. until she bitched and moaned and complained to bet execs to air her piece too. after her being *outspoken* it aired, which is what you saw later.

    what’s tragic is she’s ugly inside out.

  • Blackiszm, please see my response to Maximillian above.