Okay, I admit it: I watch Project Runway.

My wife and I have followed the show for all of its four seasons.  What’s cool about the show is that its one of the few places where you can observe the creative process in action.  Of course, Bravo has figured out the formula and replicated the show with Top Chef, Top Designer, but I think Project Runway, which was the first to market, remains the best of them.  I think it’s just a general affinity with clothing that everyone has.  Of course, folks—myself included—like food, but the interior design show has a smaller audience, I think.

But back to Project Runway which, I’m excited to say, has a Black rock Nona_skinwebchic as one of the contestants.  Have you seen Carmen Webber?  The first giveaway is the hairstyle, which is a straight-out nod to Nona Hendryx.  There’ve only been a couple of
episodes thusfar, but I could easily see her rocking the Mohawk.

A few minutes on Google revealed that she and her partner Carmia Marshall have a design studio, Sistahs in Harlem.

Their collection is inspired by a fusion of many different cultures, all of which can be seen in New York City, from street prophets to private school girls. . . The label is most easily defined as "street couture," and features collections with such themes as "Les Femmes du Monde" and "Rastafarian Street Punk."

This is yet another example of the ways that Black rock continues to manifest itself in the culture.  Certainly, the link between music and fashion is not new.  What’s great is to see how the Black rock aesthetic is being felt, interpreted and expressed in other areas of cultural production.

It would be really cool if Carmen wins Season 4.  I mean, I’ll be happy to see a sista take it all.  But I’m even more pleased that someone with an eclectic—yes, a Black rock–aesthetic is getting some mainstream visibility.

Fingers crossed for ya, Carmen.

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