This is one interview that I’ve had in the can for over a month and, unfortunately, just couldn’t get it together to post.Crazyhorse_2

That said, I’m happy to share this interview that I did with Kandia Crazy Horse, an
award-winning music journalist and editor of "Rip It Up: The Black Experience in Rock ‘n’ Roll".  She’s also a fellow blogger–along with performance studies scholar Tavia Nyong’o–at Bluegum, and a tireless supporter of the full range of Black musical expression.

Here are some of the topics we touched on during our discussion, which lasted for a little over 40 minutes.  I’d suggest downloading it and taking it with you on the road.  Here goes:

  • Her background
  • Why DC was so fly in the 70s
  • Her parents’ connection to Africa
  • Ahmet Ertegun, Arif Mardin, Jerry Wexler and the Atlantic Records connection
  • The formation of "Rip It Up"
  • Game Rebellion
  • What’s encouraging/discouraging about today’s scene
  • The continuing resistance to the idea of Black rock
  • Sasha Frere-Jones’ piece on the white of indie rock & the "leeching out" of soul
  • Southern white jam bads as the locus of soul that harks back to the older Black traditions
  • Why aren’t Black kids finding Black music?
  • Whites’ curatorial bent
  • Black responsibility

Name that tune?  The song leading into and out of the interview is Janelle Monae’s "Violet Stars Happy Hunting!"

MP3 File

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