So it’s mid-December and I’m just now posting this video from September’s BoldasLIVE.  What’s that about? you may ask.  Honestly, it came down to the fact that I didn’t feel that I did as good as job as I could’ve done in positioning the discussion on excellence.  Flubs that may seem minor to you, but look major to me.

But I finally came to the conclusion that it’s important for me to get over this.  After all, the subject is worthwhile, and it’s probably less of an issue for you than it is/was for me.  More importantly, I know you all will fill in the whatever blanks there may be.

So consider this a first part to a discussion of excellence.  In addition to my suggested requirements of technical mastery of the instrument, songwriting ability, and vision, I’ll also add authenticity, honesty and the courage to speak one’s truth. 

Maybe I’m just  ready to do that now.

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