I was planning my roundup of what I thought some of the great Black rock /Afropunk/Ghetto Metal/urban
alternative /progressive black music releases were this year, but then I remembered that this isn’t really about me.  Rather, I think it will be much more interesting to find out what you’ve been wearing out on your MP3 players.  So, here’s the deal:

Tell me what you thought a few of your favorite releases were
this year.  The catch is they need to be by an artist or artists of
color who fit somewhere in the above categories.  As I get responses,
I’ll post them on here on the blog.

Please, don’t write "War and Peace."  Just leave your reponses in the comments section in the following format:

Name, where you are in the world, and how you’d like to be identified (if at all)

Artist, release title

For example, my list might look like this:

Rob Fields, Brooklyn, NY (blogger)
Game Rebellion, Searching for Rick Rubin
Janelle Monae, Metropolis Suite I: The Chase
The Smyrk, New Fiction EP
Imani Uzuri, Her Holy Water

The Family Stand, Super Sol Nova

Your answers don’t have to
be full releases.  Shout out EPs, mixtapes, singles, even videos.  I just want to
highlight what’s been wearing out your MP3 players and making you
otherwise spend more money on iTunes or the other download services
than you really should!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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