What’s cool about this is that I’m getting turned onto a lot of other bands that are outside of NYC.  This goes to my hypothesis from the first BoldasLIVE that there are LOTS of Black rock bands out there (actually, I said there were probably thousands).  So, you’ve probably surmised that this will be a rolling, ongoing list, which I will add to as you all send me your faves.  Anyway, here’s what some of you have cited as YOUR best of 2007:

Kaos Blac
, Brooklyn, NY, Promoter/ party goer

Five One: The Red Complex free mixtape I
Skindred: Roots rock riot
Swivel: Swivel landing
Jen Milita: Berlin Boot Camp
Light Speed Champion: A Galaxy of the lost
Sabatta: Princess Raw
Paris Suit Yourself: "b’n w skins"
Los Malitos: Video for "gentry"
Vanessa Brown: "Slavery Empire"
Charge: Who’s in control
the Thirst (uk): "Ready to move"

Fiona Bloom, Brooklyn, NY/Owner- The Bloom Effect

Eric Roberson-    LEFT
Proton-   Girls and Ghetto Shit
Monica Blaire-   Portraits of Me
Jahcoozi-  Blitz ŒN¹Ass

Lukman Ibrahim, CEO, Bennu Holdings

The Family Stand’s Super Sol Nova Vol.1 (Dangerous, Everything Works Out, Divided We Stand)
Janelle Monae’s Metropolis Suite I: The Chase (Sincerely, Jane)

Maurice Bernstein, Brooklyn, /CEO, Giant Step

Amy Winehouse, Back to Black
Sez Maurice: "No, she ain’t of color but its the best soul record of the year!"

Greg Tate, Harlem, NY/Burnt Sugar, cultural critic, and BRC co-founder

Game Rebellion, Searching for Rick Rubin
Apollo Heights, White Music for Black People
Me’Shell N’Degeocello, The World Has Made Me The Man of My Dreams

Christian John Wikane
, Manhattan, NY (writer)

Van Hunt: The Popular Machine (EP)
Janelle Monae: Metropolis Suite I: The Chase (EP)
Betty Davis: Betty Davis (re-issue)
Rahsaan Patterson: "Delirium" (from Wines and Spirits)
Donnie: "Robot" (from The Daily News)
Chaka Khan: "Castles Made of Sand" (from Funk This)
Family Stand: "Dangerous" (from Super Sol Nova)

Rex Anthony, Harlem, NY /singer, songwriter

Rex Anthony, "Love Denied"
Rob, "Rise On Belief"


Adama, " Delicate Dragon"

Stone, Washington, DC/blogger – The Couch Sessions

The Carps – The Last Days of Carpedia
Saul Williams – The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!
Kenna – Make Sure They See My Face
Indigo Son – Nothing New On The Radio
J*Davey – The Land of the Lost EP
Santogold – Creator

Res, Santa Monica & Philly/singer, songwriter

Fleetwood Black
Saul Williams – The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!

LaRonda Davis, Brooklyn, NY/President, Black Rock Coalition

KUDU, Death of the Party
Earl Greyhound, Soft Targets
Apollo Heights, White Music for Black People
The Smyrk, New Fiction
Betty Davis, re-issues
FunkFace, Your Politics Suck
The Student Body Presents, Arts & Sciences
The Objex, Attack of the Objex
White Noise Supremacists, "She’s Soft Inside"
Me’Shell N’Degeocello, "The World Has Made Me The Man of My Dreams"
Noisettes, "What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf?"
Fishbone, "Still Stuck in Your Throat"

So now y’all get the idea?  Keep those lists coming, and thanks to all who’ve submitted thusfar!

UPDATE: You can always check out the full list of favorites as submitted by the community by clicking here.

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