And the beat goes on!  Keep those favorite lists comin’, folks!  This has been great.  Thanks to everyone who’s submitted their lists thusfar.  And there’s definitely room for more, so don’t be shy (I haven’t bitten anyone in a long time, really).

Back to the shout outs:

Moist Paula Henderson, NYC/Moisturizer and Secretary

Apollo Heights, White Music for Black People

Felice Rosser, NYC/singer/bassist – Faith
Faith – A Place Where Love Can Grow
Habib Koite – Afriki
Nawal – Aman
Apollo Heights – White Music for Black People

MM, Atlanta, GA/Ph.D student

David Ryan Harris – The Bittersweet

H. Moreland, playwright

Krystle Warren and the Faculty, Diary

The Family Stand,  Super Sol Nova

The Smyrk, New Fiction

M, NYC/Singer and performance artist

Distinctively The Family Stand would be My Personal Best for Rock in 2007!

Especially "Breakin’ Down Again" from Super Sol Nova!

The Best…and Jeff usually doesn’t sing.

They collectively are simply "Damned Dangerous"

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