Now that we’re past the Christmas hump, let’s continue the list.  More good stuff coming in from the community, such as:

Karen Durant, NYC/manager and music entrepreneur

Karen sez: "I’ve been in the lab working on what I hope to be a few of 2008’s best
releases. I can name-check my faves for 2008, songwriter/vocalist Katt,
producer Jay Wes, and producer REO."

Afropick, Philly/event producer and community builder
the mighty paradocs
the spades
the baptist preachers

Beverly Bond, NYC/DJ and Founder, Black Girls Rock!


Chuck Lightning, ATL/Deep Cotton
LightSpeed Champion- "Midnight Surprise" & "Galaxy of the Lost"
Game Rebellion- Searching for Rick Rubin
Janelle MonĂ¡e- Metropolis, Suite I of IV: The Chase
Kenna- Make Sure They See My Face
Proton- Girls Ghetto Sh!t
Miles Davis- Complete On the Corner Sessions
Betty Davis- Remasters
DJ Kiss- The Ballad of DJ Kiss

Graham Haynes, NYC/cornettist and composer
Graham sez: "The two artists I am listening to mostly these days are Chico Buarque legendary Brazilian singer, composer and Dylan."

Gene Williams, Jamaica Queens, NY USA/Keyboardist
Planet X –  ‘Quantum'(I don’t care what color they are..this shit is BAD!)
Marcus Miller –  ‘Free’
Vernon Reid –  ‘Other True Self’ (Some of this actually sounds like classic Lifetime! Nice work V!)
Joe Zawinul –  ‘Brown Street’ (Nat Townsley & Victor Bailey Swingin’ the Big Band)
Ledisi  – ‘Lost & Found’
Khan –  ‘Funk This’ (Stellar production from Jam & Lewis! Now if only
Janet dumps JD and starts making good records again!)
Amerie –  ‘Because I love it’ (Rich Harrison’s off the hook production & pretty tight songs)
Trio of Doom  – Live (Long awaited release of Tony Williams, Jaco Pastorius, and John McLaughlin’s live performance @ Montreux)
Scott –  ‘The Real Thing (Words and Sounds Vol. 3)’ (Yo! They looped a
Mahavishnu riff…changed the time signature, and Neo Soulified it??
You got me!)
Herbie Hancock –  ‘River: The Joni Letters’ (Beautiful arrangements…Plus Tina Turner on a track!)
J Blige –  ‘Growing Pains’ (The follow up to the Breakthrough came right
under the wire for ’07…But I have to admit…It’s a masterpeice.)

Nhojj, NYC/Singer & songwriter
Mike Ibrahim – Ninaroz 

Steven St. Thomas – Lords of Demozone

Nina Simone – Remixed & Reimagined (2006) 

Reese – New Fire: Pain B4 Pleasure

Ashley Phillips – Nostalgia 

Cassandra Wilson – Thunderbird (2006)

Digg Deep – InDIGGnant 

Andre De Lang – Homecoming

Mark Gaide, NYC/Producer & mixing engineer
Dug Pinnick- "Strum Sum Up"

Killswitch Engage – "As Daylight Dies, Special

Earl Greyhound – "Soft Targets"

Fishbone – "Still Stuck In Your Throat"

Kenna – "Make Sure They See My Face" 

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings – "100 Days, 100

Wrust- "Soulless Machine" 

Vexari – Demos

And I know there’s more out there, so send ’em in!

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  • I just adore the Mighty Paradocs and have been dragging em down here to DC as much as possible and going to Philly to support as well. Glad to see they are one of your pics for the past year. They’ll be here tomorrow at yet another show I’m hosting… keep on keeping on bruh!