Thanks again to everyone who offered their congrats after this blog was honored last week by  Since then, some additional lists have come in and I wanted to share shout outs from as many of you as choose to participate.  Remember: You can view the entire set of posts by scrolling down and clicking on the "Best 2007 releases" category to the right.  Or just click here.

So, without further ado:

Boston Fielder, NYC, ATL, and the Deep South/Founder, URB ALT and bandleader, MuthaWit

Gonjasufi – ill voice.  ill flow.  Return acid laced Ethiopian crooning.
Otto Fischer – Songs.  Derek Bailey’s last artist.  Worthy of the mantle.
Tenderhead – Ooze.  Don’t hate.  Celebrate and check for yourself.  lol
Faith – Live at the Delancey.  LES legend gets legendary on mughs.
Lightspeed Champion – Midnight Surprise(single and video) and the most buckedED hairdoo on planet earth.
Secretary – Moist Paula’s ode to handling them keys and making it feel exotic.
Spitshine – Black steel untarnished with a few screws missing.

Adds Boston: "Outside of those artists I’m a demo kind of guy."

Fat Transfer:  Sloppy Music To Feel Dreamy To demo – Exhibit A that Black Girls Rock!
Dragons of Zynth demo(not sure if any of the songs made the
final album) – "Closer" is Earth Wind and Fire dialed in from Neptune.
OMG demo – great and satirical songwriting.  Nice pumps.
Busted Needs demo – Rhythms made from recording embroidery machines
Cynthia Talley demo – Still the greatest country music singer in Nashville bar none(best live show of 2007 for sure)
MusicOne demo – Rudy Tambala of AR Kane’s new songs.  Feels like painting.
Tay Zonday – "Chocolate Rain" stuck in my brain still but
his version of Paul Williams "The Rainbow Connection" is what bent my
curiosity level.

Vernon Reid, Staten Island, NY/Co-Founder, Black Rock Coalition and Living Colour guitarist/vocalist

Maya Azucena– Junkyard Jewel– My daughter Idea Viola’s favorite
artist. Iconic voice. Check her reading of the Leonard Cohen classic
Kenna– Make Sure They See My
Face– All over the map of a New World… The New Yorker’s Malcolm
Gladwell wrote about Kenna in `Blink’.  Fav tracks-Loose Wires/Blink
Radio, Baptized In Blacklight, Face The Gun
Bloc Party– A Weekend In The City– Essex Calling!!! Check ‘Hunting For Witches’
fellinis— December— THE new perennial antidote to the Kenny
G-ification of Christmas carols or, Coltrane, Santa, Eno, and Lee
Scratch Perry walk into a bar…
Me’shell Ndegeocello– The World Has Made Me The Man Of My Dreams— The Bold Soul Sister Brings It Yet Again!
Greyhound– Soft Targets- Undeniable & Outrageous. Check the track
Monkey; grand, melodic, heavy-deeply Psychedelic, yet with precision.
Tay Zonday– The Cherry Chocolate Rain YouTube  video RULES! Enigmatic. Bizarre. Curiously gifted. One to watch…
Little Dragon–Little Dragon–Check the YouTube vid for Twice–Haunting & Fabulous
Shrine For The Black Madonna– Paradise/Inferno– 2 Albums that are the next wave of Black Rock Incarnate.
Beatrrix*Jar– Golden Fuzz– Nerds In Love; My favorite 2007 electronic release… I (Heart) the cover!!!
Map Of Africa–Map Of Africa–Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys!!!
Brains-Build A Nation-an Unsettling and challenging collection. Horns!
Keyboards! HR floats like a butterfly Dr Know stings like a bee.
Pillow Theory- Outpatience- Drama Fiction Fiendishness
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings –100 Days, 100 Nights— Queen Of Soul Two Point Oh!

George Kelly, Oakland, CA/Blogger at

Bloc Party, "A Weekend In The City"
The Thermals, "The Body, The Blood, The Machine"
Black Kids, "Wizard of Ahhhs"
Dragons of Zynth, "Coronation Thieves"
Apollo Heights, "White Music for Black People"
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, "100 Days, 100 Nights"
Noisettes, "What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf?"
Saul Williams, "The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust"

Toure, NYC/Author, music critic and personable personality

Santogold EP

Mike Machado, Brooklyn, NY/drums & vox, D-Xtreme

24-7 Spyz  – "Face the Day"
Bad Brains- "Build a Nation"
Fishbone – "Still Stuck in Your Throat"
Body Count – "Murder 4 Hire" (2006)
Wicked Wisdom  – "Wicked Wisdom"
The Family Stand – "Super Sol Nova Vol. 1"

Nev Brown, Brooklyn, NY/Music journalist and blogger

Prince – "Planet Earth"
Early Greyhound, "Soft Targets"
This Moment in Black History

Those of you who promised lists: No, it’s not too late to get yours in.  That goes for anyone reading this.  You send it, I’ll post it.  This is not the time to be silent.


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