As I assemble the elements for the 2008 season of BoldasLIVE (funding be the most important!), I wanted to share an edit of one of the events from the fall.  In true indie spirit, I’ve been fortunate to have some folks step up to help edit the footage from September’s BoldasLIVE event, which featured The Family Stand.  I can’t say thank you enough to Peter, Sandra and Jeff for their participation, and to Michaela angela Davis for moderating.  Shout out to Leslie Lemon (bass) and Marcus Machado (guitars), too.

For the video, a big thank you goes to Stacey Holman at Black Butterfly Productions, who also shot the launch event.  For the providing services as second crew and for the edit, thanks go to Peter Cervieri at Scribe Media and producers Bridgette Perry and LaVarro Jones of Orraval Productions.

It’s just under 12 minutes.  Enjoy!  And stay tuned for updates on the development of the 2008 season.

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