116 posts and counting, all in just under a year.  And what a year it’s been!  Still so much more great music to discover and share, so many more people to meet who can become part of this community.  But, before I move on, here’s a roundup of posts from the past year.  I consider these the best of what I offered, and I hope that you continue to find it valuable.

  1. Best releases of 2007
    I know it’s continued into the new year, but it all started in ’07!
  2. Start
    In some ways, this answers the "Why are we here?" question.
  3. What is Black rock?
    It’s not just about a band or a particular sound, but the acceptance of an invitation to be brave.
  4. Why We Fight
    Making a stand for the physical, psychic and emotional space African Americans deserve.
  5. Barack Obama is Black rock
    It was true a year ago, and now he’s become only the most visible sign of the cultural shift that’s taking place.
  6. "Passing Strange" review
    Just ’cause it was a landmark event: A black rock coming-of-age musical!
  7. PODCAST: Maureen Mahon, author of "Right to Rock"
    Listen and get an earful from one of our leading thinkers on the subject of Black rock.
  8. Nona Hendryx on cultural appropriation
    There are two sides to every story and, as Nona points out, everyone’s complicit.
  9. On excellence (part 2)–Making Black rock matter in the marketplace
    And it will only matter when more of us make different choices about what and how we support.
  10. PODCAST: Rock journalist Kandia Crazy Horse
    More flava in ya ear from a woman on the frontlines of music journalism and criticism.
  11. Breaking the Frame
    How we frame this conversation about Black music and, hence, Black identity and authenticity, is critical.

Could’ve thrown in a couple more, but that’s a good overview of 2007.  Now, onward!

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