One of my new year’s resolutions–and I guess it’s real, since I’m putting it out there–is that I will share more music regularly on this site.  I can talk all day about Black rock, but it’s important to remember that hearing is believing.  More importantly, the blog must further my goal of expanding the audience for this music and, at the end of the day, readers need to have an experience, one that’s not just intellectual.

So, here’s the first of what I plan to make a regular offering: A taste of music.  This week is "Mona Lisa" by Shrine for the Black Madonna, led by Brian Tate.  The song was taken from the "Paradise" portion of their double album "Paradise/Inferno".  You may recall them from the "Best 2007 releases" list, since several people, including Vernon Reid, shouted them out.  Enjoy!

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