In case you missed it,  Santi White was featured in an article in the Sunday NY Times called "Hip Hop’s Newest Faces: Indie, Fierce and Female"

“She appeals very broadly,” said Martin Heath, the founder of Lizard King Records, which signed Stiffed and is jointly releasing Santogold’s debut album with Downtown. “She’s not cliché one way or the other. She’s not playing on the foxy thing.”

Ms. White said she admires other female artists who try to defy stereotypes. “You get these images of women in sexy clothes, walking around in, like, panties,” she said. “Even Beyoncé — that’s what it is to be a woman and make music. But now there are all these other women doing cool, interesting things, wearing styles they came up with, and it’s not about being naked.”

One one hand, it’s funny that she ends up in an article about hip hop.  On her MySpace page, she classifies herself as "New Wave/Dub/Psychobilly".  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad sista got some well-deserved press.  But, strictly speaking, after one listen to her and you understand that hip hop is one small aspect of what she does and what she’s about.  The sub-head in the Rolling Stone piece said "Philly punk embraces New York art rock".  I guess it’s an Eminem kinda thing: "I am whoever you say I am."

Finally, in that same edition of the paper, Lenny Kravitz shared his current listens.

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