I’m not usually around Brooklyn over Memorial Day weekend, so I was a bit surprised to find out that there were actually a lot of parties to attend.  The one I was able to go to was being thrown by Don Palmer and Beth Fredrick over in Fort Greene.  Not only was it packed, but it was a great meetup of a lot of folks involved in the arts, music and particularly the Black rock scene.  I talk about the fact that Black rock is really about community, and I feel really fortunate to be friends with so many wonderful and talented people.

It was definitely a glorious Brooklyn afternoon, and my hat’s off to Don and Beth for hosting (yet again).  Here are pics for all those who couldn’t attend:


Bill “Downtown Impressario” Bragin and Lisa Phillip




Jimmy “all the way from J-ville” Saal and Kevin O’Neal, who’s gigging at The Carlyle this week with Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr.


Singer/songwriter Janice Pendarvis (r) and her son Devin


Time Out NY’s jazz critic K. Leander Williams (r) and his wife, Andree Lamoth


Bill Toles: When he speaks, you should listen


Producer Alexa Birdsong


651’s Anna Glass and Kevin O’Neal


Soulfeast Music’s Brian Bacchus


Tyler, Elijah and Caleb


Jimmy Saal (‘cuz he just had to be in another picture!) and bassist extraordinaire Melvin Gibbs

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