I had the pleasure of being asked to be on NPR’s News and Notes with Farai Chideya today to talk about Bo Diddley’s impact on music.  Funny what you can (and can’t) get in inside of just over 8 minutes.

One of the things that I really love about being involved in Black rock is that it really is a community.  That said, when I got called for this interview, I reached out to several folks just so I could make sure that I was representing Bo Diddley’s legacy properly.  So I have to give a major hat tip to Bill Toles, Kandia Crazy Horse, and the Black Rock Coalition’s LaRonda Davis, Earl Douglass and Darrell McNeill for helping to focus on the salient points of his life and contributions.  Thank you.

Here’s the link to the NPR interview.

Additional links to info about Bo Diddley:

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