Tenderhead’s Shena Verrett from Rob Fields on Vimeo.

Ohio in the house!

Continuing the video interview series, I had a chance to sit down with Shena Verrett, the creative engine behind the band Tenderhead, who you can catch on Saturday at the URB Alt Fest.

In addition to hearing about her influences and creative process, what I think you’ll get is the solid sense that Shena achieved what she set out to accomplish with her full-length album, “Ooze”.

Speaking of which, during the interview, I say that the track “One” is my favorite song.  And it was.  Until I heard “Tether”.  What I love about this song is the atmosphere.  So much so that it’s on heavy rotation on my iPod.  Anyway, you’ll hear it at either end of the video interview, and the entire track is below.

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