Yeah, I’d missed the Game Rebellion/Voodoo Fe/Bazaar Royale show at the Afropunk Skate Park last Wednesday, but decided to make that late night trek over the Sputnik to see Greg Tate and his "fully improvisational acid-funk band" Burnt Sugar.  Now, I hadn’t seen Burnt Sugar in a while and I have to admit to being captivated not only by the quality of the musicianship, but also by watching Greg conduct the ensemble using a system based on the one developed by the renowned Butch Morris.

Burnt Sugar has recorded a gang of albums, so there’s no shortage of sounds.  I think for Black artists, it’s particularly important to get your work documented.  The fact is, often times, we’re so busy innovating and pushing the envelope that we forget to capture our output.  The result is that a lot of our creativity has been lost.  Just ask the folks at the Schomburg Center.

I was also able to grab a bit of video footage, but will upload that under a separate post.

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