It’s a real bummer when a band you like doesn’t go all the way.  Such, apparently, is to be the case with The Smyrk.  Don’t know the full story as to why they are disbanding, but I can tell you that I’m disappointed.  Why? 

Because they effin’ rocked!  I mean, to see them live was to immediately have the sense that these guys were going places.  Solid songs, arresting vocals by Doron Flake, and tight musicianship by Ari Sadowitz, Chris Barone and Nick Logan.  Plus that extra little sprinkling of magic that not every band has or will ever have.

Anyway, as a thank you to fans, they are making their entire catalog available for free download on their Purevolume page.  The offer stands up until tonight’s show.

Here are the particulars on the show:


The Smyrk
The Space
295 Treadwell St., Hamden, CT
7:00 pm / $10 / all ages

I won’t be there tonight, but if you are in the area, do yourself a favor and check them out.  And here’s looking forward to their next project, no matter what form it takes.

Additional link:

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