On Friday, August 1, nominations are open for the 2008 Black Weblog Awards,and I’d love to have Bold As Love in the running.  However, in a nod to true democratic process, I can’t nominate my own blog.  Therefore, I’m asking readers for this simple favor: If you’re a regular reader and you find the blog engaging, insightful, valuable or some variation on interesting, I’d appreciate a nomination.  A nomination would be a big and helpful step towards raising the profile of this blog and growing this community.

You can head over to the Black Weblog Awards site via this link and start the process.  From what I understand, the nomination process runs through August 16.  Voting for the finalists begins then and runs through the 31st.  Winners will be announced on September 4.

There are thirty (30) categories.  I’d suggest that this blog would fit in any or all of the following:

  • Best Music Blog
  • Best Culture Blog
  • Blog to Watch

Thanks in advance for your support.

Additional link:

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