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We’ll get the future we deserve.  Or the one we work for.

You know the good thing that’s coming as a result of the McCain-Palin ticket?  A lot more people are clear about what’s at stake in this election: Our future and that of our children.

So, with that in mind, it’s not the time to sit around and be overwhelmed by fear or, even, anger.  No, what’s important now is action, taking that political impulse that runs throughout Black rock and putting it towards work that moves the world in the direction we want.

I would say this to you all: Making music that helps us make sense of the world is incredibly important right now.  But, as far as this election is concerned, what’s even more critical is reaching people in the battleground states.  For New Yorkers, that means some people are spending the weekends in nearby Pennsylvania speaking to voters face-to-face.  If you can’t do that, then the next best thing to do is to get on the phone.

On Sunday, my wife and I are joining MoveOn  to further kick up the grassroots campaign on behalf of Obama.  We’ll be hosting an event that’s part of a "MoveOn for Obama party" effort.  The way it works is that we’re providing the space (our apartment) for a few people to meet and dial MoveOn members in the swing states.  The goal is to encourage them to volunteer for the Obama campaign.  I imagine the focus will be on states like Florida, Ohio and Michigan, where the ground game will make a huge difference in November.

Cool thing is, this will be part of a national effort by MoveOn, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary.  So similar events will be taking place on the same day all across the country. I just checked and within five miles of my zip code there are some 40+ calling parties happening. Pretty cool.

If you want to join one, hit the MoveOn site here.  And, if you want to host one, they’ll get you set up to do that, too.  Also, we’ve got room for 15 people (small BK apartment!) and we’ve already got 6 RSVPs.  So, if a few of you want to join us, ping me at rafields [at] gmail [dot] com.

Bottom line, fam, is that we’ve got to turn words into action.  ‘Cause if McCain gets in the White House, I’m not sure how much rockin’ there’ll be.  Probably a lot of singin’ the blues. 

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  • litherland

    Awesome.I definitely plan to go to one (uptown); not sure which one yet.