Imani’s was one of the early shows that I attended soon after I started this blog.  In a lot of ways, she is the epitome of an artist who fiercely walks her own path.

Turns out that both of my kids are into the title track from her album, Her Holy Water: A Black Girl’s Rock Opera.  And I get it: With its thundering drums, heavy bassline and Imani’s voice swooping down from on high, what’s not to like?  Except that, everytime we get in the car, my son and particularly my daughter ask for that song.  So my wife and I just had to say no.  Instead of playing "Her Holy Water", we’ve tried introducing them to other songs on the album, none of which they’ve really taken to.  But in the process, I rediscovered some other gems on this album, like this one.

Want to see her live?  You can catch Imani at Joe’s Pub in NYC on October 11.  And it’s a FREE show.

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