As much as our CMJ showcase is important, the election on November 4 is moreso.  That’s why I urge all of you to take time over these last two weekends to get involved and help with the get out the vote efforts.

Now, it’s probably clear to most of you that my family and I are supporting Obama.  But we know that, even though he’s ahead in the polls, there are still a full 15 days of campaigning ahead.  None of us can get complacent, and think this election is in the bag.  Obama certainly doesn’t and he’s urged everyone who supports him not to fall into that trap.

The fact is, this election will be decided by the swing voters.  Yes, there are people who are legitimately undecided.  My family and I met some yesterday when we did canvassing in some neighborhoods in North Philly.  The economy is paramount in their minds–like the police officer I met who has a wife and three kids–and they’re trying to figure out which of the candidates tax and economic plans are going to benefit them most.

That’s why it’s so important to get out and talk to these people.  It’s great if you can make it to a battleground state, but you can also call swing voters.  Both MoveOn and Barack’s site have instructions on how to do it.  In fact, I encourage you to get a few friends together and do it as a group.  Spending 2-3 hours can make a difference.

This is absolutely not the time to sit on the sidelines.  I believe that Barack is going to win, that by November 5 we’ll be talking about President Obama.  However, if for some reason that doesn’t happen, I want to feel like I did everything I could.

Don’t you?

Still need some inspiration?  Check this out: It’ll make you smile.

You can also visit the site, Manifest Obama.

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