Labelle (l to r): Sarah Dash, Nona Hendryx, Patti Labelle

That’s right: Dash, Hendryx and Labelle are back!  Back to Now was produced by Lenny Kravitz, Gamble & Huff and Wyclef Jean, and it hit stores yesterday.  It’s their first album together in 32 years.  Hard to believe, right?  You can hear tracks at the official Labelle site.

Those of you who live in NYC or nearby can check them out December 19 at the Apollo Theater.

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  • Lana Garland

    I am shaking with anticipation. They say “you can never go home again.” So is it wrong for me to hope that this new Labelle release is good? Will Patti be able to “go there”?

    A complex time demands complex music. Here’s hoping…