Today is
the day.

Lines are long and getting longer.  I stood in line about an
hour.  Your wait may be longer.  Or shorter, who knows.  The cool thing
was watching people who were on their way to work.  They’d look at the
long line and just smile.  That’s right: we’ve got an engaged

But, besides voting, is there anything else you can do beside wait for the results to come in?  Actually, there is.

If you’ve
got time–no, if you can make time–there’s still the last minute
outreach to voters in swing states.  For example, you can find a
location of a phone bank near you.  I know there’s one at Brooklyn
Academy of Music
along with a lot of others.  And, no matter where you
are–battleground state or not–volunteer to help get people to the
polls.  I don’t have to tell you how historic this vote is, not just in
the States, but in the eyes of the world.   CNN’s Christiane Amanpour writes:

Finding myself in New York City this U.S. election Day, I saw scenes
that reminded me of the first democratic elections I covered in
Afghanistan in 2004, or Iraq in 2005. . . Everywhere you look the mood smacks of history. . .

There will never be another
moment like this one, so please make sure you and those around you
don’t miss it.



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