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After my brief stint in the PR department at Capitol Records, I spent a few years in the indie film scene, thanks to my wife and her debut feature Naked Acts.  We ended up going the the self-distribution route as a matter of last recourse.  We'd shopped the film to every distributor, big and small, but got no interest in a small drama that had an all-Black cast and wasn't about a comedy or about boys in some 'hood.  No, nobody seemed interested in a story with a Black woman as protagonist who struggled with body-image issues.  The story went like this:

Set within the demanding and revealing milieu of a low-budget film shoot, Naked Acts tells the story of actress Cicely (Jake-ann Jones, pictured above) who has recently lost 57 pounds and has landed her first role in a low-budget art film. She soon learns that the role requires a nude scene. Her dilemma: How to keep her clothes on and keep her part? Cicely launches on a personal journey that unveils a secret she once kept hidden beneath her girth. Along the way, she discovers that emotional nakedness is far more revealing than taking her clothes off could ever be.

Well, it's been 10 years since we took a chance and self-distributed the film at the old Thalia Theater on 95th Street and Broadway.  Our scheduled one-week run turned into four thanks to some incredible grassroots support and a story that moved people, women and men, black and white.  Anyway, we
were able to secure a video distribution deal, which got the film into
Amazon, Hollywood Video and Netflix.

Consider joining us on December 7 when the film has its first NY screening since its theatrical run.  It'll be showing as part of this year's African Diaspora Film Festival. Bridgett will be doing a Q&A immediately following the screening.  Here are the details:

Sunday, December 7

Cowin Center @ Teachers College
525 West 120th Street, 147 Horace Mann Hall
Take the #1 train to 116th Street

Here's a scene from the film:

Tickets can be ordered in advance by going here

Additional links:

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  • Ah, man, Rob. I remember when this flick came out back in the day. Tim told me about it. I had no idea this was fam. Still so much to learn. Wish I could be there on the 7th of next month for the opening. Maybe. Regardless, blow the doors off and have a blast. Filmmaking is not for the meek and y’all brought one home. Congrats! – B

  • BourbonHead

    Rob (and Mrs. Fields) congrats!! I’m definitely going to get the D-X brothers to support!! …or at least get ’em to netflix it!!


  • Congrats! It looks like a great film. Wish I could make it today. I’m spreading the word, though. Have a shining event *_^

    I’ll have to look for this on netflix.

    ~~~Shine on~~~*



  • Thanks so much for sharing this with your friends and readers. It’s much appreciated!

  • Thanks much!

  • i saw this film 10 years ago, when i was still living in NYC and ms. davis did a question and answer session after the film… i was a hunter student, having transferred from baruch (the college she was at) too… i don’t even know how i found out about the film, but i’m glad i went. i greatly identified with cicely and the body issues she had. i saw the film again a couple of years back, and i identified even more. it’s wonderful to see the film still in the midst of dialog.

    and yeah, as danny glover and the existence of this film and ‘sankofa’ can attest, the industry will not fund any positive messages about black life, with an all-black cast. and so the public will rarely be exposed to alternatives.

    keep on keeping on, and you will be rewarded accordingly. much peace…