My introduction to TV on the Radio was their 2006 album, "Return to Cookie Mountain."  It's a funny thing taking the plunge into a new band.  The real work is to adjust your ears so that you can hear what they're attempting before you pass judgment on whether or not you like the album.  I wasn't ready, and I admit it. Instead of being able really "hear" the album–except for "Wolf Like Me"–I found myself skipping over it like a stone across a pond.

So, I'm glad I went through that, because their new album "Dear Science" has been a completely different experience.  First, let me say that there are at least three, if not four, amazing songs on this album.  Seriously, you gotta love the Antibalas-supplied afrobeat that underpins "Red Dress"; the pathos of "Love Dog"; and the absolute bared-teeth fury of "DLZ".  Anyway, it makes you wonder why they (or the label) decided to go with the toothless "Golden Age" as a first single when "DLZ" is a STRAIGHT BANGER! 

That said, 'Dear Science" is a great album, one that I put on and let play over and over.  It will certainly make my "Best of 2008" list once I actually pull that together.

In the meantime, here's "Love Dog," a song that's great because of the way it builds quiet power and intensity.  Another one that's way better than "Golden Age".

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