Umm. . . Maybe it's just me, but I can't seem to find anything "alternative" here.  You?  And where was  Maybe the hologram machine was on the fritz that day.

Nice voice, but tired song.  I mean, we've seen it before.  Movin' on.

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  • Abdul

    Please someone. Anyone. Tell me how this is alternative. OK. Someone do me a favor; listen to Janelle’s track and then listen to this one. Notice a difference? Obviously!!!

    I got mad love for you Chrisette Michelle, but this is a mainstream track you got here masquerading as alternative. If this wins I’m gonna lose all repect for this category. Nothing again you Chrisette, I love your music. But it is just not alternative!!

    My favs are:
    A tie for 1st with Janelle and Wayna
    2nd Kenna
    3rd Maiysha

  • chrissy fan

    funny you find this song so “done before”… well you have crummy ears cuz it just won a grammy… but i guess you dont get much trust anyway, cause i’m the only crazy on your blog. fix ur opinion… it wreaks.