Yes, and I are Web 2.0-enabled.  In plain english, that means you can find me on some of the other social networks.

In addition to talking about Black rock ( I syndicate the RSS feed from this blog there), I get into other areas of interest including businesss, marketing, comics and culture, and all in 140 characters or less.  Feel free to reach out to me here. 


I spend a lot of time on FB, so this is also a great place to connect.  Just send me a note with your friend request to let me know you're a blog reader.  Connect with me here.  Better yet, join the group!

Myspace logo

I visit MySpace less frequently, but still maintain a presence here and here.


Really diggin' Flickr since I got a digital SLR camera this spring prior to my trip to Ethiopia.  Now, I post shots I take when I go out to see live music.  Although my stuff pales in comparison to the work of James Brandon King, Laylah Barrayn, Rich Louissant or Ed Marshall, every now and again I get some lucky shots.  Sincere thanks to George Kelly for the early Christmas gift of a Flickr Pro account.


My man Boston Fielder launched this social network after the ongoing growth of his festivalI'm proud to support him.

Visit Afro-punk

If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of what the twentysomethings in the scene are listening to, you've gotta be on Afropunk.

Visit my nbaf

With over two decades of commitment to Black culture under its belt, the National Black Arts Festival recently launched its social network under the direction of Leatrice Ellzy. It's a great opportunity to connect to a whole new group of people.

Visit 21st Century Hustle

My man Ali Muhammad focuses on entrepreneurship via his magazine and social network. I check in with him and the other folks in the network when I need a kick in the pants to jump-start my go-getter-ism.

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