Two more days left in 2008.  While many of us are getting into a reflective mood, there's still ongoing work that needs to be done to help improve our communities.

But where to start?

One good place is  This comes immediately to mind because my wife and I gave a donation on behalf of my mom, who then got to choose where it went.  Basically, the idea is that teachers from all over the country ask for classroom project materials.  They tell you what they want, how many they need, and how much it will cost.  you then get to choose not only the project to fund, but how much.  The good thing is it's not incumbent on any one person to fund entire projects.  Everyone can give a little.

You can even, for example, find projects in your hometown and and ones based on your area of interest.  My mom, a retired schoolteacher in Cleveland Public Schools, gave to a classroom in Cleveland that wants to subscribe to Weekly Reader for its first graders.

So check it out.  And remember, not only will it make you feel good to know that your dollars are going to help kids with specific needs, but you can still write off the donation (to the extent to the law, mind you!) on your 2008 taxes.

Two things to remember: 1) There's somebody out there with a lot less than you, and 2) Whatever you can give will be much appreciated.

Happy New Year!

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