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That's right.  If you're an artist who considers themselves to be part of the this Black rock nation, then I want to hear from you.  You may be aware that there's a (fairly) regular item called "Listening Post", where I introduce readers to a track that I'm feeling.  Thing is, there's so much music out there that I know I'll never find it all on my own.  Therefore, if you're an artist, send me a link to download a track at sounds [at] boldasmedia [dot] com.  I'll take a listen.  If it's something I like, it'll get featured.  Plain and simple.

Again, all music–tracks and download links–should be sent to sounds [at] boldasmedia [dot] com.  This address is for music only.  PR folks, if you want to send press releases, particularly tour and release dates, do so to rafields [at] gmail [dot] com.


UPDATE: Right after posting this, I came across Soundcloud, so I'm going to give this service a try.  Click the "Send me your track" button in the widget in the column to the right and follow the instructions.  I think it'll be pretty straightforward.  Let me know what your experience is with it, since this is definitely a testing phase.

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  • I’ll spread the word. I also highly recommend Milk Plus: and Sabatta:

    Shine on Monsieur Fields
    -PZ a.k.a Dazjae

  • Soundcloud is a great way for artists to send their music in a non-cluttered way to mp3 bloggers. Hopefully it works well from the bloggers’ viewpoint as well.