Next week, I'm launching a survey of the Black rock audience.  Can't help it: It's the marketer in me.  The other reason I'm doing it is because I'm working on a book about Black rock, and I believe a survey will add some credence .  An aside: Yes, everything you've heard about writing a book is true.  It's daunting, scary even.  And right now, this is just the proposal stage.

Anyway, I realize that this will be a first pass and that some additional surveying might be needed.  However, what I'm trying to get at are any identifying markers of this community.  I'm particularly interested in attitudes and outlooks.

The survey is almost done, but I wanted to open up the question: Is there anything in particular you think I should ask?  Any areas of inquiry that should be probed?

I'm going to shoot for launching the survey mid-week next week, so by Wedneday.  That means, any suggestions you have, please get them to me by Tuesday so I'll have time to incorporate them.

No, you won't have to wait until the book comes out.  I'll share datapoints as they begin to look coherent, throw out some hypotheses based on it, and see what you have to say.

Stay tuned.

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