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An excellent album kicks off the 2009 year in Black rock.

First, an admission: I completely forgot that Carolyn "Honeychild" Coleman sang.  Yep, I forgot she contributed aggressive, guitar-cruncher "Spit At It" on the BRC's 2006 "Rock n Roll Reparations" compilation.  Just didn't connect the name and the person.  Probably because I've most recently seen her as one of the rhythm guitarists in Apollo Heights.  And, even more recently, she DJ'd the Boldaslove.us CMJ showcase in October.

So imagine my surprise when I put on her recently released album, "Halo Inside (Come La Luna)" (Matteite (Venus) Records), and sat there thinking, "This is pretty effin' awesome."  Seriously, I was blow away.  I had one of those rare experiences: Of the 12 tracks on the album, there are at least seven (yes, really) strong cuts, delivered with a melodic voice shaded by Bjork: "Callus" (headnod central); "December" (fragility on display); "Headlock" (when Natureboy Jim Kelly tells her: "I wanna be your fuckin' beat!", you feel him.); Orange (dubby goodness); "Never Goin' Home Again" (a fun, uptempo romp); "Your Idea of Time" (the Mad Professor-produced love dub); and the title track, which ends the album as strong as it started.  And the stuff I didn't mention was pretty good, too.

So you can see I had some trouble choosing a track to feature.  At the end of the day, picked the fun, uptempo romp.    Enjoy!

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