All of my arrangements are now set for my first foray to SXSW.  Here's the description of my session, which was organized by fellow traveler Kandia Crazy Horse:

From the transatlantic success of bands like TV On the Radio and Bloc Party to the New York Times' infamous recognition of "blipsters" or "black people who rock" in early 2007, it has become clear that something's afoot regarding the progressive music and alternative lifestyles of blacks in the West. However, twenty-odd years after the founding of the Black Rock Coalition and four decades since Jimi Hendrix revolutionized the planet via electric kozmic blues full parity for black sonic self-determination remains a dream deferred.

The panel takes place on Thursday, March 19 at 11AM CST in room 17AB of the Austin Convention Center.  I'm looking forward to meeting my fellow panelists.  In addition to Kandia, other scheduled panelists are:

  • Daphne Brooks – Princeton University
  • Wendy Fonarow – Anthropology
  • Duane Harriott – Audio Archeology/OtherMusic

So, my big question is this: What do y'all think about the description?  Is this a realistic assessment?  Is it pessimistic?

I'm going to hold my comments for now.  Let's hear from the community.  I'll share my thoughts before I leave for Austin.

Anyway, have at it in the comments section.  I'll appreciate your feedback.

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  • Sounds a little pessimistic to me. Many good black rock bands have come along since Jimi Hendrix. I would present black rock as something that many are missing out on.

  • Inially I agreed with Dwayne but I do think that Kandia is perhaps talking about the lack of media coverage on black rock bands and artists and the general reluctance of black folks to participate in the genre. I am looking forward to your observations after SXSW.

    On a side note, I also think that the participation and contributions of black rock, punk and metal musicians who are in majority ‘white’ bands is totally ignored.