Great to see Labelle on Thursday.  This isn't really at full fledged review, just me pulling together some Tweets I did from the show.

  • Damn! Didn't realize Hal Jackson is 93. He looks great!
  • Gotta give it to Labelle, they all look great. And it's clear that Patti is used to being the center of attention. #labelle
  • So cool that Patti is giving Nona major props for her songwriting.
  • Good to see Ronny Drayton on guitar.
  • Patti is straight clowin' people and it's hilarious.
  • Sarah: Patti + the Blue Bells and Cindy Birdsong are on a stamp in Liberia. If you go, grab some stamps.
  • They have a Q+A with the audience in the middle of the show. #labelle
  • Just for the record, the Stones aren't the only artists in their 60s who can turn it out. #labelle
  • Nona and Sarah are killin' "Before you go to Hollywood"
  • You forget that both Nona and Sarah have such powerful voices, that it's not just Patti who can blow. #labelle
  • Nona's wearing those leather pants well. Really well. Knowhutumsayin?
  • The wardrobe tells all: Nona the rocker, Patti the couture diva, Sarah upscale conservative.
  • Nona quotes Ghandi: No oppression without consent.
  • The $30 shirt inside is $5 outside on Broadway. Entrpreneurship at its finest! Ha! #labelle
  • Caron Wheeler is hangin outside.

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