Looks like Santos is the place to be on Saturday night.

It'll be good to see these two women: The much slept-on MC Jean Grae and the extraordinary vocal talents of singer/songwriter/bandleader Tamar-kali.  "Extraordinary" is not too strong a word here: She can go from a soft and melodic to a furious roar.  Now, when most female rock vocalists go to 10 (or 11, as the case may be) they end up sounding a little ragged, a la Janis Joplin.  But not Tamar-kali: It's all coherent, powerful, but spine-tinglingly beautiful.

Check her out on "Your Girl," taken from the EP Geechee Goddess Hardcore Warrior Soul:

So, maybe I'll see you at Santos tomorrow?

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  • Ron

    Man, that would be an AWESOME show. Tamar-kali is no joke and Jean Grae brings the fire. Too cool.