Burnt Sugar's new album, Making Love to the Dark Ages, dropped a week ago, and this music collective under the direction of Greg Tate, will be having its record release party tonight at the Blue Note.

It's not just another band.  The group improvises most of its set, but comes together under the direction of Tate, who employs the conduction system that was developed by Butch Morris.  Basically, using a set of 20 gestures, Tate is able to direct the ensemble–which can number up to 20 people–in structured, free improvisation.  As you'll see from the Wikipedia entry, Morris credits both bandleader Sun Ra and drummer Charles Moffatt as key influences.

Burnt Sugar appears as part of the Blue Note's Midnight Grooves series:

131 West Third Street ( by Sixth Avenue )
New York, New York

Showtime is 12:30AM (yes, that would technically make it Saturday)

Additional link:

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