Two powerful women tore up Santos back in March.

Yeah, Tamar-kali and Jean Grae.  After seeing their individual sets, I couldn't help but wonder why these two aren't better known.  Both are really engaging performers.  One of the things I would've liked to have seen was more collaboration between the two.  They did one number together and I thought that was going to be the beginning of them going back and forth.  Unfortunately, that wasn't to be.

However, I certainly hope that there will be more collaborations like this, particularly between these two women.  With the walls between rock and hip hop crumbling, this might be a step in the right direction.  For music and for the two of them.

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  • Ron

    Still, when you tweeted about this I was amazed and astounded they’d be coming together. I think it’s awesome that they did it. Did the shows seem “natural?” I mean, the two audiences are pretty different, though I’d probably say Tamar-Kali fans would probably be more down for listening to hip-hop than the reverse, did it “work” to you?

    Maybe they didn’t get a chance to collaborate on anything pre-show? But I agree, it’d be interesting to hear them together.