Film's NY Premiere set for June 6 @ Brooklyn Academy of Music

This looks to be pretty powerful.  According to the press release:

Youssou Ndour: I Bring What I Love is a music-infused cinematic journey about the power of one man’s voice to inspire change. Described by Rolling Stone as “a singer with a voice so extraordinary the history of Africa seems locked inside it,” Ndour bridges two worlds – that of an international pop star, the highest selling African artist of all time, and a West African griot, a traditional musical storyteller. Shot over three years and across three continents, I Bring What I Love follows the creation of Ndour’s album Egypt, a work dedicated to the musician’s love of the Islamic faith. Released in 2004, at a moment when Islam suffered from a bad image in the Western world, the album was celebrated abroad, yet criticised as blasphemous in Senegal. With Ndour as a guide, the film shows the spiritual and musical inspirations behind Egypt and what the singer really wanted to transmit to his audience.

What's more, this premiere is part of an entire series of events that BAM is hosting called Muslim Voices: Arts & Ideas.  This includes a performance by N'Dour with his band The Super Etoile on June 5.  Unfortunately, this performance is already SOLD OUT Info on the BAM site here.

Hat tip to The Daily Swarm. Here's the film's trailer. Enjoy!

Additional link:

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