Further evidence of the cultural shift we're experiencing.  This is an audio interview of Pharrell Williams by Billboard Editor Bill Werde.  I think it took place at the recent Billboard/Adweek Music & Advertising Conference.

Hat tip: DailySwarm and NahRight.

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  • #1- glad Pharrell acknowledged his slight hypocrisy when addressing the “aesthetics” of music. I can’t watch a video of his without being “assaulted” by the presence of aesthetically pleasing yet not particularly artistically gifted honies.

    #2- I hope he’s right about a coming shift in focus. Ms. Boyle what an intersting and exciting jolt to the status quo and I hope she finds her place in the musical world without becoming a caricature or a brief fascination.

  • You’re absolutely right on both points, Trina. The important takeaway, I think, is that even someone on Pharrell’s level can’t help but notice how things are shifting. What he does with that insight, it remains to be seen.