Maya Azucena is a woman of many talents: Singer, songwriter, producer, and now video host! You may recall from an earlier interview I did with her that she is fiercely committed to the creativity on her own terms.  And she's been successful at it.  So, it's no surprise that she teamed with to produce the series, Conversations with Indie, where she sits down with people to talk about various aspects of the life as an independent artist.

We sat down recently to talk about branding, the pros and cons of being "alternative" and why there's a need to for a "black rock evangelist."

Thanks to Maya and to Terrance Wilmore for including me.

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  • I am digging Maya’s new take on “Angel Eyes.”


    Hey it’s Maya. I did another more classic version at the Ella Fitz Gerald Theater in Ella’s home town of Newport News a few weeks ago. They filmed it, but I’m still waiting for my copy….Stay tuned, I guess. Thanks for the love,