Yes, it's a late show (12:30AM start time Saturday morning) but, for those of you who live in and around NYC, this is one of the reasons you're here: So you can experience music and talent that on a level.

Here's the deal on the show that's called "The Musical DNA of a Southern Songbird":

Sandra returns home to debut songs from an upcoming self-authored
theater piece, entitled "The Musical DNA Of A Southern Bird". The piece
fuses together songs that became the soundtrack of an adopted child in
Dallas looking to find herself in an environment that was not at all
musical. The songs that were played on FM and AM radio were polar
opposites to some, but felt like home to this artsy southern bird.

And here's something special on top of the great music you'll hear.  Sandra writes:

We'll be debuting a new series of CD's called the "Hand Delivered
Series" at our NY shows. The title is self-explanatory. But for the
phraseology impaired, the only way to own one of these CD's is for it
to have been hand delivered by me or one of the band members at one of
our gigs. These CD's will not be made available over the internet, via
digital download or otherwise. Ya gotta be at the show to get it. So
come show some $10 love to myself and the other producers and writers
involved, Tom Hammer, V. Jeffrey Smith, Leslie Lemon & Greg Smith.
Your continued involvement is what enables us and folks like us to keep
on doing what we do.

12:30AM (saturday morning!)
The Blue Note
131 West 3rd Street @ 6th Avenue

Here's one of my favorite songs of hers–and I'm assuming this one isn't part of the set on Friday– "Move Me" from her album Gemini: Both Sides.  I love the "What, what, muthafucka, what?" part.  Brilliant.  If she does it live, it's piercing.

Additional link:

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