Another album that makes my "Best of 2009" list.

I wear a hat made of tinfoil so they can't steal my thoughts
— Divisible, "Love Is The Cost" from Less Than Lion

When it comes to Black rock bands in LA, my perception was that you'd find mostly metal and hard rock acts.  I'm happy to say that there are, in fact, exceptions to every rule and the duo known as Divisible is one of them.  The band–comprised of Shola Akinshemoyin on lead vocals and guitars and Albert Sadia on drums–mixes indie rock, electronica and African music influences (she's Ghanaian and Nigerian, and he's Egyptian) into a beautifully moody and atmospheric concoction. 

When she saw my announcement about the compilation, Shola reached out to me.  I'm so glad she did.  Up under the headphones, I really like how the arrangements and Shola's voice combine to wrap you like a blanket.  I particularly love music that has a streak of melancholy and loss running through it.  In her notes, Shola says that the album "explores my relationship with my dad, so it’s mostly about forgiveness and self-acceptance."

The other thing that makes this album standout is the smart songwriting.  "Don't Say Nothin Now" shares the joy (real or imagined) of a reuniting father and daughter.

Looks like that storm is coming back around to find you
and everything you thought was dry is getting wet
All out your tears, everything you thought was behind you
everything you thought was as bad as it could get

Don't say nothin now, don't say nothin now
You've found your way back to me

Other standout songs include: "A Girl You Can't Leave," "Big Machines," "Exit Music (for a film)," and "Everybody," which will also be on the Boldaslove.us compilation.

Divisible's new album, Less Than Lion is available now at the Divisible Store.


Finally, for those of you who'll be in LA on September 14, check out Divisible's record release party

1717 Silverlake Blvd, LA 90036


Additional link:

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