I liken the state of black rock to that of hip hop 30 or so odd years ago: At first, you couldn't get arrested writing about it, but now it's a billion dollar industry.  One of the things that helped it grow was a proliferation of media covering it.  So, if we want to grow the audience for black rock, media is a perfect way to provide them places through which they can enter.  That said, I'm thrilled that there are more people getting into this space.  In addition to the outlets I mentioned about a year ago, here are two more.

Happy to welcome longtime friend and music journalist, Michael Gonzales, to the black rock space.  Earlier this week, he launched The Black Rock Report over at SoulSummer.com.  As he writes in his opening salvo:

As a card-carrying member of the Black Rock Coalition since 1986, I take much pride in the advancement of alternative Black music filtering into the mainstream. From those nappy haired superstars of the scene The Roots (you mean you really thought them cats were hip-hop?) and avant-rockers TV On The Radio to newcomers like Lil Wayne (what, somebody told you that dude was a rapper?) and the formidable Santigold, the movement is going hard, and no longer relegated to crowded downtown clubs after midnight.

You can get to The Black Rock Report here.


Mizan Ujamii recently launched S.O.U.L. eMag to be the "voice of the urban-alternative experience reaching out to people all around the world."  His focus on urban-alternative encompasses six (6) areas: music, cinema, fashion, art (graphic art, spoken word, etc), politics, and lifestyle.

Mizan's creation is definitely more in the magazine mold, with sections such as Third Degree Burn (artists subjected to a barrage of random questions); Rock Star (various perspectives on the entertainment business); Outraged! (which covers things that make you justifiably angry, like the BET Awards); Fresh Faces (up-and-coming models); and Origins (where he provides context for how this urban-alternative thing of ours is developing).

S.O.U.L. eMag is here.

Both are worth bookmarking and returning to often.

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